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10-Step Footlogix Professional Pedicure

Footlogix® formulations contain Dermal Infusion Technology®, a delivery system that carries active ingredients past the stratum corneum into the layers of the epidermis. This helps restore the health of the skin and makes the products continue to work after application. Footlogix products also absorb quickly, so they won't leave a greasy film.

This 10-step Footlogix protocol will delight your clients, and the phenomenal results will keep them coming back.

Menu Description:

Not just for sandal weather! This wonderfully rejuvenating pedicure is effective at removing stubborn calluses, yet it's gentle enough for even the most sensitive feet.

What You’ll Need:

What They‘ll Want:

What to Do:

Step 1: Consultation
Have your client fill out the Footlogix Pedicure Consultation Form. This will identify any medical conditions or allergies and help you to understand your client’s foot care needs. Spray Footlogix Shoe Deodorant into client’s shoes to refresh footwear for after the service.

Step 2: Evaluation
Review the Pedicure Consultation Form. Remove the client’s nail polish and conduct a visual foot and leg evaluation. Examine their toenails and the bottom of their feet, specifically the heels. Check the skin between the toes and make note of any irregularities. If there are no abrasions or open sores, you are ready to begin soaking their feet. Do not service any clients with broken skin, wounds, ulcers, or abrasions. Refer them to a medical professional as necessary.

Step 3: Preparation
Add one pump of Footlogix Foot Soak into a foot bath. Soak feet for 5 - 10 minutes (or less than 5 minutes if the client is Diabetic). The Footlogix Foot Soak hydrates feet and softens calluses, making cuticle work and callus removal easier and less time consuming.

Step 4: Exfoliation
Remove feet from footbath and gently pat dry. Dispense one pump of Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub into palm of hand. Apply in a circular, upward motion onto the feet and up the legs. Add water to emulsify pedi scrub as desired. Rinse product off legs and feet, and pat dry.

Step 5: Application
Spray Footlogix Callus Softener around toe nails, onto calluses and dry skin on the sole of the foot. Let absorb for 2-3 minutes. Once the skin is no longer wet but slightly tacky, use the Footlogix professional foot file to reduce calluses. Reapply Callus Softener as required. It is not necessary to rinse the Callus Softener off, as it will continue hydrating with cumulative, long-term effects.

Step 6: Preparation
Cut toenails and clean around nails in the groove, under the free edge and along cuticles.

Step 7: Rejuvenation
Apply Footlogix Very Dry Skin Formula to foot and massage the mousse into skin. Pay special attention to dry and callused areas and spaces between the toes.

Step 8: Moisturization
Use two to three pumps of Footlogix Massage Formula as the final pedicure step and massage into the feet and legs. The Massage Formula is non-greasy but has enough slip for a 5-7 minute massage.

Step 9: Beautification
If client desires, apply nail polish to toe nails. While it is drying, go over the recommended Footlogix foot care products the client should use at home.

Step 10: Continuation
Recommend home care products and instruct the client on how to use them.


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