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Wellness Pedicure Treatment

Menu Description:

Say hello to pampered feet! This luxurious pedicure nourishes and revitalizes tired, callused feet by using beneficial botanicals, such as calendula extract, urea, jojoba oil, and orange oil to help moisturize, soften, and recondition the skin.

Cost Per Treatment: $1.99
What to Charge: $50-$75

What You'll Need:

What You'll Want:


  • Ensure that your client is in no way contraindicated to the treatment. Check if they're aware of or have any side effects to the treatment that may require adjusting the procedure. Utilize pillows for comfort while in the chair or on the manicure table.


  • Sunburn, skin rashes or conditions, open sores or wounds, fractures, acute pain or injury, fever or infections, tinea pedis, onychomycosis, paronychia, ingrown toenails, severe eczema of the skin or nails, or scabies.

What to Do:

Note: This service is meant to be combined with existing mani/pedi professional services and existing products. The cost per service doesn't include additional ancillary supplies and products.

  • 1. Inspect and analyze client's feet and nails for contraindications. Look for signs of infection and edema.
  • 2. Add 1 oz. of Calendula & Orange Mineral Foot Bath Salts to a soak basin filled with warm water and stir to dissolve salts. Allow client to enjoy the foot soak for 10 minutes. Pro Tip: Add a warm neck wrap to client shoulders for an additional upgraded experience.
  • 3. Using your favorite exfoliant product, scrub client's feet, beginning at the toes, moving toward the heel, ankle, and then up the leg in the direction of the heart. Remove scrub by using water from the pedicure bowl. Dry feet thoroughly.
  • 4. Using your favorite cuticle oil, apply to cuticles and massage into the area.
  • 5. Apply a generous layer, about 0.5 oz., of Foot Repair Butter to feet. Always massage in the direction of the heart. Place client's feet into plastic booties and wrap in warm towels or heated booties. Check comfort level and leave on for 5 minutes. Pro Tip: For callused feet, generously add additional Foot Repair Butter to targeted area.
  • 6. Remove towels/bags and massage client's lower leg and foot area. Use long strokes over the foot and lower leg, working toward the heart, to spread lotion. Begin by massaging from the toes, ensuring all movements end toward the heart, work toward the ankles, to the heels, and up the legs. Finish with long strokes over the foot and up the lower leg.
  • 7. Gently push back cuticles using an orange wood stick without pushing back too far. Cut nails, if necessary to toe-tip length. Do not cut nails if filing is sufficient. This will reduce the risk of infection due to nipping the client's skin. Gently file nails with a slow pace to avoid catching skin or the edge of a split nail. Use long, flowing movements. Note: Never use a back and forth motion that will weaken the nail. Buff nails gently to stimulate circulation and an even nail surface. Never over-buff, as this will reduce thickness and weaken nails.
  • 8. If requested, polish nails, beginning with a base coat. Apply two even coats of desired nail lacquer, finishing with an even application of top coat.

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