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CND: Plexigel System

Solve common nail problems easily and mess-free. Its versatile technology provides 3+ weeks of strength, length, and shape, repairing chips and cracks with a flexible coating that protects natural nails. The simple brush-in-a-bottle system ensures smooth application.

Perform Existing Services–Easier, Faster, & Cheaper!

No pots. No tubes. No mixing. No waste. No mess! Just one easy-to-use system that's ready to go!

Plexigel Shaper: Fill, Plump, & Shape

Fill in Cracked & Split Nails

Silk wraps and acrylics require a lot of time, supplies, and training. Shaper offers an easier way–in 1/3 of the time, without mess or complication.

Plump & Shape Flat Nails

Even out nail texture and help clients transition to natural nails using only one product.

Plexigel Builder: Add Length & Make Repairs

Create Customized Nail Length

Take the guesswork out of mixing hard gels and cut your service time in half.

Repair Broken Nails

Combine a form or tip with a single product. No need to clip the nail.

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Make Nail Art Pop!

Plexigel Shaper offers a crystal-clear glassy overlay that enhances your Shellac colors and adds extra durability for up to 3+ additional weeks.

For a $10-$15 upcharge, your clients can enjoy an extra pop of color and longer-lasting nail designs.

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CND Plexigel

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