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CND: Creative Nail Design Supplies for Hand and Nail Professionals

CND offers all the essentials for luxurious mani-pedi treatments, including Shellac® 14+ Day Nail Color and Vinylux® Long Wear Polish. With CND, you can create stunning, long-lasting nail designs.

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Spa, Hand & Body Supplies from Creative Nail Design

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Delight your clients with rich tones and vibrant colors that last!

Use the original system that delivers 14+ days of flawless wear, superior color, and mirror-like shine.

Your clients will love zero dry-time and no nail damage. You'll love better application with a curve-hugging brush for superior results.

Vinylux Nail Polish

Apply this 2-step long wear polish for high shine! No base coat required. 7+ days of exceptional wear.

Enhancement Coatings

Sculpt, extend, shape, and strengthen nails with highly innovative enhancement coatings.

Plexigel System for Nails

This brush-in-bottle gel nail enhancement system provides up to 3+ weeks of strength, length, & shape.

Liquid & Powder System for Nails

Apply this unique, patented technology to ensure flexible, resilient nail enhancements.

BRISA Gel System

Sculpt, extend, shape for a naturally polished look that stays strong, flexible, and gorgeous.


You can rely on these must-haves when you perform nail services.

Strengthen and repair damaged, peeling, thin, and brittle nails with effective pre- and post-treatment products.

Nail Salon Service Prep Essentials

Cleanse to improve adhesion, dissolve cuticles, and mask imperfections to offer flawless manicures.

Manicure LED Lamps

This advanced LED lamp cures in half the time of UV lamps while fitting all 5 fingers (or toes) at once!

Professional Nail Tools

Find sculpting brushes, foil wraps, and files to provide impeccable results.

Home Care Essentials

Help clients maintain their beautiful manicures and pedicures with nail care for home use.

Seasonal Collections

Capture the essence of each season with perfectly posh palettes. These collections offer refreshing color updates, so your clients can flaunt the latest trending shades.

Spa, Hand & Body

Exfoliate, soak, and plump parched skin to minimize roughness and eliminate dryness.

Turn manicures and pedicures into premium spa treatments with luxuriant, revitalizing scrubs, masks, baths, and moisturizers.

NEW CND Pro Skincare Line with Prebiotics!

CND Scentsations

Scentsations hand and body lotions turn ordinary manicures into a spa experience. Fun seasonal fragrance blends cater to any mood!


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Creative Nail Design (CND) FAQs

How long does CND Shellac last?

When used as directed, Shellac can last 14+ days.

How long does CND Vinylux last?

CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish delivers week-long wear in 2 simple steps: an all-in-one base and color coat and a top coat, which must be used together for ultimate performance.

Do you cure CND Shellac with an LED lamp?

Yes. All Shellac Base Coat, Colors, and Top Coats are cured with the CND™ LED Lamp.

What's the difference between CND Shellac and CND Vinylux?

The CND Shellac System works together to deliver 2 weeks of high-performance wear with no nail damage when used as directed. The System includes: Base Coat, Color Coat, Top Coat, and the exclusive CND LED Lamp.

CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish delivers week-long wear—and care—in 2 simple steps: an all-in-one base and color coat and a top coat, which must be used together for ultimate performance.

How long does it take CND Vinylux to dry?

It takes about 8-9 minutes to dry, which is quicker than regular nail polish.

Is CND Vinylux a gel polish?

No, it is a long-wear polish that lasts for about a week. No lamp curing required, and it can be removed with regular polish remover.