Glowing Results in Minutes.
No Downtime.


 Glowing Results in Minutes.
No Downtime.


Remarkably Smooth, Radiant Skin in Just 3 Steps!

In one 30-minute session, AquaBoost hydrodermabrasion deeply cleanses, extracts impurities, and then infuses the skin with nourishing serums. This non-invasive, hydrating treatment offers the benefits of microdermabrasion without downtime or irritation.

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The AquaBoost Difference

AquaBoost doesn't use physical abrasion to perform. Instead, it infuses the skin with hydrating serums, plumping cells below the surface to accelerate turnover of dead skin cells on the surface. Debris is swept away, and this gentle, natural exfoliation service closes with the cool, soothing feel of the CryoWand.

Patented Treatment Tip

Patented treatment tip is non-abrasive and has a unique dome shape that glides along the skin. It performs the physical exfoliation your guests know and love but without the irritation.


You know your guests’ skin better than anyone. So, we created a safe, highly efficacious serum system that allows you to select which serums are best.

Cryotherapy with Blue LEDs

Not found on other hydrodermabrasion systems, the CryoWand is unique to the AquaBoost machine. This round, handheld wand completes your AquaBoost service.

No Downtime

Pairing our patented treatment tip with our custom serums, AquaBoost provides a safe, effective service without downtime.

AquaBoost allows you to invest in hydrodermabrasion at a lower cost–without sacrificing treatment quality.

Consumer interest for hydrodermabrasion has risen 592% within 5 years. This means potential clients are clamoring to find hydrodermabrasion treatments locally. AquaBoost makes it more affordable to meet this demand with treatments that are just as effective as more expensive units.

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AquaBoost Products

Browse everything you need to perform hydrodermabrasion treatments that'll deliver noticeable results.

AquaBoost combines powerful vacuum technology and adjustable liquid infusion for superior hydration results.

This system is lightweight, quiet, and precise.

Easily find the replacement parts you need for your AquaBoost Machine.


Featuring powerful natural source ingredients, AquaBoost Serums are custom formulated to cleanse, hydrate, and reveal vibrancy. You’ll select Serum 1 (Cleanse & Exfoliate), Serum 2 (Deep Cleanse), or both to help you meet your guests’ skin care goals. Serum 3 (Soothe & Hydrate) closes the service.

Training Resources & Protocols

Your team members can learn at their own pace with on-demand training and education!

Service Inspirations & Protocols

Browse the most popular services incorporating AquaBoost. Each service inspiration and protocol provides details on how to perform the service, plus cost per treatment and suggested price.

Free Staff Training

From robust staff training to informative manuals, you have a suite of resources at your fingertips to provide everything your team needs to know about AquaBoost.

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Training Manual

This guide provides operating instructions, tips, and other supplemental information.

Owner's Manual

This manual provides information about parts, troubleshooting, warranty, and more.

Front Desk Cheatsheet

Arm your staff with a quick guide to answer questions about AquaBoost treatments.

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Marketing Resources

From ready-to-use social assets to printable collateral, here's a glimpse of the resources we've prepared for you to launch AquaBoost treatments at your spa.

Free Digital Marketing Resources

Engage customers and drive traffic with pre-made social media posts.

Social Media Posts

Promote your AquaBoost hydrodermabrasion treatments in social media.

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Let clients know the benefits of hydrodermabrasion.

Printable Marketing Resources

Call attention to your AquaBoost services–just download, print, and place these assets in your spa.

Consumer Handouts

A perfect take-home for interested guests!

Rack Card 4" x 9" 
Features & Benefits Handout 8.5" x 11"