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Efficiently Sanitize Large Areas with Innovative Solutions

EMist Electrostatic Misters + RTU Mist-Safe Disinfectant

EMist Electrostatic Sprayers allow a single employee to rapidly disinfect large spaces at a cost of less than a penny per square foot. Pair it with eco-friendly Rejuvenate for safe disinfection that reduces your labor cost by 45%!

Ionized Air Sanitation

Bi-polar ionization (BPI) air purification with continuous disinfection technology eliminates VOCs, bacteria, dust particles, viruses, mold spores, and odors in the space where you breathe, giving you the same healthy air found near high elevations.

Cleanse Far-UVC by Healthe Lighting

Sanitize air and surfaces with Far-UVC and UV technology, which destroy the genetic material of bacteria and viruses, preventing further replication. Safe for occupied spaces, these systems provide constant, effective protection.

PuraShield 500 Air Purifier

Effectively remove 99.999% of aerosols carrying harmful viruses from the air with multiple stages of filtration. This patented system is designed for up to 1,000 square feet.

Room Scale Sanitation

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