Hospitality Amenities
Made with Plants

Versatile, Sanitary & Economical Alternative to Paraffin

Hospitality Amenities
Made with Plants

Reduce Plastic Without Compromising Guest Comfort


A woman-owned business, Sustayne offers lower-impact toiletries that:

  • feature kraft paper and bio-based packaging
  • are made with plant materials such as bamboo, wheat straw, and cornstarch
  • are produced in an ISO- and GMP-certified facility
  • practice ethical social and sustainable supply chain management (SEDEX)

What you’ll find on this page:

Your Guests Care about Sustainability

And it’s more than a trend–it's your next big opportunity.

seek brands that lead in sustainable change.

-NielsenIQ survey

rely on businesses for sustainable options. 

-Deloitte survey

choose a hotel with sustainability credentials.

-Accor Survey

Upcycled Wheat Straw

After harvest, wheat straw, an agricultural byproduct, is typically burned onsite, contributing to air pollution. Instead, Sustayne upcycles it. Made from 30-40% plant-based materials and polypropylene (PP) to ensure durability. Free of BPA and phthalates.

  • contributes to additional revenue for farmers
  • diverts straw from pollutive burning

Toothbrush comes with a lined kraft paper sachet of toothpaste (0.1 fl. oz.). Packaged together in a recyclable FSC-certified kraft paper sachet.



Guests can preserve their pearly whites with this sleek toothbrush. Soft nylon bristles.


Help guests keep their locks smooth and tangle-free by providing a firm, dependable comb.

Vented Foldable Brush

Convenient for purses, gym bags, and toiletry bags! Guests will love the portability.

Razor, Triple Blade

Guests achieve a clean shave with these triple-blade razors. Wheat straw blade guard.

Durable Bamboo

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can be harvested every 3-5 years without needing to be replanted.
This rapidly renewable material is...

  • very strong and flexible
  • a sustainable alternative to slower-growing woods and plastic

Toothbrush comes with a lined kraft paper sachet of toothpaste (0.1 fl. oz.). Packaged together in a recyclable FSC-certified kraft paper box.


Sturdy, attractive toothbrushes have soft vegan-friendly nylon bristles.


An elegant and durable alternative to plastic combs! Guests will love the look and feel.

Hair Brush

This brush leaves your guests’ hair smooth and lustrous. Rounded bristles help prevent breakage.

Razor, Triple Blade

Handle is 100% bamboo. The top and blade guard are made of wheat straw.

Renewable Cornstarch

Made from the starchy part of the corn kernel, cornstarch can be used to create bio-based products and packaging that reduces dependency on plastic. It offers...

  • strength and durability
  • a clean, elegant look

& Toothpaste Set

Toothbrush comes with a lined kraft paper sachet of toothpaste (0.1 fl. oz.). Packaged together in a certified compostable* PLA sachet.


A classic off-white, this cornstarch toothbrush has soft nylon bristles.

Shower Cap, Cornstarch

Enable guests to keep their hair dry with these compostable* cornstarch shower caps.

Cotton Swabs

These cotton and bamboo swabs are good for applying makeup or touching up nail polish.

Cotton Pads

Provide cotton rounds for guests to remove makeup or apply toner. 

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*Meets OK Compost EN 13432:2000/ASTM D6400 conditions for compostability in municipal or industrial facilities. Check your local area for appropriate facilities, as these may not exist in your community.