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Ardell Strip Lashes, Double Up 113

Ardell Strip Lashes, Double Up 113



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Double the Volume: No need to stack up two strips for bold fluffy looks. Get dual-layer strips with double the number of lash fibers compared to a regular strip. Create louder and intense looks in seconds. The perfect choice for fab photoshoots, events and even dazzling night galas. Thicker and puffer eye make-up with fewer mascara buildups. Quick and pro-fix thicker lashes just at the tip of your fingers!

Extra Long Fibers: Life is short - let your lashes be long! Each strand comes in an undeniably lengthy size that quickly transforms your eyes. For more dramatic and stand-out looks. Designed to with a very winged-out effect that keeps a feathery appearance with its extra-soft and wispy fibers. Light and comfy to wear even with the longest fibers! Get your eyes some big and long lashes and slay that killing look the whole day (or all night!)

Flirty, Flared Style: Effortlessly create a more widely opened-eye illusion. Beautifully crafted with where shorter hairs appear at the inner corner and longer ones fixed at the outer corner. This impressive lash style fans out on the outer edges creating an effect that the eyes are wider apart which is perfect for close-set eyes. Use it for almond or monolid eyes and it will add flutter to your unique eye shape! You can never go wrong with Ardell!

Comfortable Long-Wear: Lash it until you make it without straining your lids! Packed with more faux fibers. Designed to stay on for long hours. Crafted with an almost invisible but secure band for holding up your falsies while giving you an uncluttered lash line. Stays on, even with thick eyeliners, bright eyeshadows, and rhinestones! The band is ultra-flexible and contour fits your lids making it easier to wear even for beginners! Skip the heaps of mascara, non-stop curling, and party all night!