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Ardell Strip Lashes, Naked Lashes 421

Ardell Strip Lashes, Naked Lashes 421



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Soft, Extra-Lightweight Fibers: Crafted with the softest and most mink fibers you'd have the same exact look and feel of your natural lashes. The faux lash hairs blend so effortlessly with your genuine hairs delivering a more natural and spontaneous effect, you can smoothly change from a casual day look to an elegant glam style without the need to change lashes. They're so natural on the eyes, no one will guess you've got faux lashes on!

Brighter and Rounder Style: Get those diva eyes rolling! The lashes are styled where elongated fibers are in the center and shorter ones are fixed on the inner and outer corners. The best lash design if you’re looking for something to emphasize the natural shape of your small eyes making them look bigger and more wide-awake. Creates a more youthful and playful look simply with two simple strips of lashes!

Bendy, Comfy Invisiband: The only lash technology that keeps you from needing to do a lot of covering up and fiddling with falsies. These lashes are designed with an invisible, flexible lash band that won't bunch up, leaving you with an elegant seamless transition from your lids to your lashes. Offers a secure hold that backs you up for long hours or even through happy tears.

Always Ready Lash-Eye Look: Secures a reliable space for the adhesive to work on and hold up your eye makeup through long wear, sweat, and unexpected tear-jerking movie dates. Easy to clean and can last for up to 9-12 use you will enjoy wearing them any time and mood of the day!