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Barbicide Manicure Jar, Small, Midsize, and Large

Barbicide Manicure Jar, Small, Midsize, and Large



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Still made with the same quality as they were 75 years ago, Barbicide jars can be used to disinfect spa implements including tweezers, extractors, scissors, combs, and more. Fill the jar with Barbicide liquid and leave the implements to soak for 10 minutes. Custom molded glass with stainless steel, these sturdy jars provide convenient, easy disinfection of salon tools. The self-draining retrieval basket permits immersion and removal of tools without putting fingers in disinfecting solution. Lifetime guarantee against rust.


Barbicide jars come in 3 sizes:

Tall Jar: Base 4.25″ diameter, 11.5″ H, capacity 37 fl. oz. (1.09 L)

Midsize Jar: Base 4.25″ diameter, 8″ H, capacity 21 fl. oz. (621 mL)

Manicure Table Jar: Base 2.25″ diameter, 3.5″ H, capacity 4 fl. oz. (118 mL)