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Bio-Therapeutic bt-zoom® Hand Held Magnifier

Bio-Therapeutic bt-zoom® Hand Held Magnifier



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The wireless Bio-Therapeutic bt-zoom magnifies up to 4.5x and features clear LED lights and UV lights to enhance skin details, allowing for rapid education of clients’ skin.

Features include:

• Cordless, battery powered using 3 AAA batteries
• 8 Clear LED light illumination system
• 4 UV lights
• Up to 4.5x magnification
• Silicone protective skin

Purpose and Benefits

Utilize this system during consultations or in the retail area for product recommendations.


Dimensions: 8”L x 3.75”W x 1.50”D
Electrical: 3 AAA Batteries
Certifications: CE/ ISO/FDA Quality System Compliant
Installed By: Universal (if setup is included with order) or Client

Downloadable Material

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