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Cirepil Soft Wax, Cristal Ocean, 14 oz

Cirepil Soft Wax, Cristal Ocean, 14 oz



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Offer your spa or salon clients the gentle touch of Cristal Ocean, a hypoallergenic strip wax that masterfully eliminates stubborn short and coarse hairs without the use of rosin. Specially formulated to heat at a lower temperature, it offers a comfortable waxing experience for all, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin. Cirepil’s unique microcrystalline wax ensures a thin application, enhancing its efficiency and making it a cost-effective choice. This vegan-friendly wax is perfect for all skin types.

Texture, Color, and Fragrance
- Fluid Gel Texture
- Translucent Blue
- Unscented

NOTE: Cirepil recommends the Happy Heater (C2797T) for the proper use of their wax. It does fit the Clean + Easy Warmer (C592T) with a little room to spare. Cirepil wax does not fit any of the Amber warmers or the Depilève Deluxe Warmer (C2467T).

Features & Benefits

- Vegan–no beeswax
- Perfect wax for sensitive skin and the best wax for your speed waxing services.
- Ideal for all skin and hair types
- Great for full body waxing
- Ultra thin, gentle and effective application


Hydrogenated Styrene / Methyl Styrene / Indene Copolymer, Mineral Oil, Microcrystalline Wax, D&C Green 6