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Citrus II Original All Natural Air Freshener

Citrus II Original All Natural Air Freshener


Citrus II

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Control Salon Odors, Naturally!

Made from the peel oils of citrus fruit, Citrus II Air Fresheners destroy odors in the air from perms, smoke, acrylic nail services, and more. The light, refreshing citrus scent of these natural sprays keeps rooms smelling fresh for hours. Created using only the pure essential oils of tree-ripened fruit, these aromatic fragrances create a relaxing spa atmosphere to soothe the senses.



- Eliminate the toughest airborne odors on contact
- 100% active ingredients, made from essential peel oils of citrus fruit
- Non-aerosol, so there’s no perfume, no water, and no gas propellant
- Creates a relaxing, inviting atmosphere for clients and employees


100% Pure Blend of Natural Extracts from Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Tangerines, and Grapefruits