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Complete Pro Microdermabrasion Crystals

Complete Pro Microdermabrasion Crystals


Complete Pro

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Use these medical-grade crystals in ANY microdermabrasion system without clogging it! They're purified by a 5-stage sifting and cleaning process to extract larger particles often found in bulk bags. 

Aluminum oxide is inert and does not cause any skin reaction. As a result, it’s an excellent abrasive medium for microdermabrasion. 

Features & Benefits

- Inert–does not cause any skin reaction. 
- Excellent abrasive medium for microdermabrasion. 
- Medical-grade crystals, purified by a multi-stage sifting and cleaning process.
- Aluminum oxide is an outstanding exfoliant because it’s a hard, stable crystalline sand-like material.
- Each aluminum oxide particle strikes the skin, gently exfoliates, absorbs surface oil, and is vacuumed away. 


Aluminum Oxide