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Curad Petroleum Jelly Skin Protectant, 1 oz

Curad Petroleum Jelly Skin Protectant, 1 oz


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Curad Petroleum Jelly moisturizes rough, dry, chapped skin and helps heal minor skin scrapes and burns. It's also frequently used to keep skin moist during post-surgery or procedure healing. Petroleum jelly works by sealing in moisture that’s already present in the skin. It does not, however, bring moisture to the skin. 1 oz. 

Usage Tips & Ideas

- Over tattoos to keep ink from bleeding

- Use with permanent makeup

- Use in dermablading, dermaplaning, and microblading services

- Remove semi-permanent make up

- Apply after lip injections

- Apply on cracked heals

- Protect chapped lips

- Remove eye makeup and glue that false lashes leave behind

- Prevent skin stains when dying hair by using along the hair line

- Apply to cuticles before polishing nails to keep color off skin around the nails.

- It can be safely applied to the lashes for a fuller set of dark, glossy eyelashes. It may also make a great lash conditioner.

- Apply on dry spots before applying self-tanner. It will act as a barrier, preventing streaks and stains in areas the self-tanning product would otherwise cling to.



100% Petrolatum