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Diamond Way Ayurveda Deluxe Kansa Wand Set, 4 ct

Diamond Way Ayurveda Deluxe Kansa Wand Set, 4 ct


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The Deluxe Kansa Wand Set is invaluable for wellness professionals and guests who'd like to experience wellness benefits of these remarkable bronze tools from the tradition of Ayurveda. Each wand features a smooth, rounded kansa metal tip and a hand-carved teak handle.

The face wand helps revitalize and plump skin, soften fine lines, and de-puff around the eyes. They also provide a firmer appearance along the jawline and cheekbones. 

The body wand helps reduce muscle tension by relaxing the neck and shoulders. It also promotes lymphatic drainage during the treatment. 

The foot wand revives tired feet, stimulate energy flow, and offer overall comfort.  

The marma wand enhances kansa treatments by activating energy points. Its smaller size also allows the professional to work in the contours of the face. 

This set includes:

1 Face Kansa Wand, 4.5" L x 1.75" Diameter
1 Body Kansa Wand, 5.75" L x 2.5" Diameter
1 Foot Kansa Wand, 6" L x 3" Diameter
1 Marma Point Kansa Wand, 4" L x 3.25" Handle, 0.5” Diameter Cup
1 Clay & Tea Tree Cleansing Pack
1 Informative Booklet on how to correctly use the tools



- Promotes lymphatic drainage
- Helps balance pH of skin
- Reduces muscle tension by relaxing neck and shoulders
- Improves appearance of complexion and creates healthy glow
- Revives tired feet and stimulates energy flow



Apply organic or facial grade oil or serum of choice. Begin treatment gently. Focus on marma points, areas of tension or where fluids tend to build up on the face and neck. Repeat in areas 3-5 times.


About Kansa

Kansa, or bronze, is humanity's first metal alloy. Interestingly, the two primary metals that constitute bronze (copper and tin) are not found in the same location. Therefore, our ancestors must’ve had amazing insight to combine them. With a trace amount of zinc, this unique metal has been used in several ways, including sacred statuary and healing tools.

Kansa has a powerful effect on the body and mind. Ancient healers knew that there were subtle, unseen energies in the body. The Chinese discovered a meridian network with vital energy or acupressure/acupuncture points. In Ayurveda, subtle energy points–known as marmas–were discovered on the chakra grid used in healing and spiritual practice. Thus, unseen networks of electro-magnetic energy are affected by kansa. Why?  Because kansa is the metal alloy known to be the fastest conductor of electromagnetism.

Because of its unique electro-conductivity, kansa is extremely sensitive to how it is cared for. When you receive your wands, marma or gua sha tools, and wiped them clean with a non-abrasive, non-chemical soap like castile. Then, your implement is ready to use.  This will also ensure that there aren’t manufacturing residues on the metal.

Note that there may be graying with use on some clients. The primary reason for the graying effect is chemical, especially acidity. This acidity will react with the metal and create that gray color or film. This acidity can arise for several reasons: diet, pollution, or skin care products applied to the skin. Simply remove the grey after your massage with a gentle cleanser and cloth.