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Enzymatic Soaking Detergent Endozime AW Plus, 16.9 fl oz

Enzymatic Soaking Detergent Endozime AW Plus, 16.9 fl oz



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Great for Use on All Microdermabrasion Systems!

This enzymatic detergent is excellent for use on your microdermabrasion systems. It gently, safely removes skin debris. It has a neutral pH and is non-abrasive, free rinsing, and 100% biodegradable. It will not harm any metals, plastic, rubber, corrugated tubing, or diamond tip instrumentation. 16.9 fl. oz. 

Usage & Storage Information


1. Add 1/2 ounce of Endozime® AW Plus to 1 gallon (4ml/liter) warm water.
2. Submerge instruments to be cleaned.
3. Soak for 2 minutes to remove all organic matter.
4. Rinse thoroughly with tap, distilled or sterile water.

Automatic Cleaning Devices
Pour directly into detergent reservoir full strength or dilute 1/2 ounce per 1 gallon (4ml/liter) of water.

Discard used solution.

Ruhof recommends that Endozime brand detergents be diluted only with water. Strong oxidants are to be avoided in conjunction with enzymatic detergents. Strong oxidants consist of disinfectants, bleaches, glutaraldehyde, and others that will inhibit or kill the enzymes in the detergent, rendering the product ineffective. The recommended dilution rates stated on the bottle are for optimal cleaning results. Using a higher dilution rate than stated will not harm instruments in any way; however, using a lower dilution rate may result in improper cleaning.

Temperature Range
Our Endozime brand detergents work effectively in automated washers with a temperature range of 80°F to 150°F. The optimal temperature is 110°F. For manual cleaning, the temperature range is 65°F to 105°F with an optimal temperature of 85°F. Although our enzymatic detergents work in all temperatures, it is important to note that at lower temperatures, the enzyme activity will begin to decrease taking longer to breakdown organic matter. At extremely high temperatures, the enzymes will begin to die, compromising their efficacy. Endozime brand detergents can withstand storage temperatures between 32°F to 150°F but should be brought back to room temperature before use.

Ideal storage temperatures are between 60°F to 90°F. If the product freezes in extreme cold temperatures, it will not harm the effectiveness of the enzymes as long as it is brought back to room temperature before use. All Ruhof enzymatic detergents have a 3-year shelf life, with the expiration dates stamped on each bottle.

Soak Times
The recommended soak time for Ruhof Endozime brand detergents is 2 to 5 minutes (2 minutes for slightly soiled scopes and instruments and 5 minutes for heavily soiled scopes and instruments). If manufacturer’s guidelines state to soak instruments for longer periods of time, we highly recommend following their cleaning protocols. Soaking instruments for longer than 2-5 minutes will not harm instruments; however, prolonged soaking or overnight soaking in any enzymatic solution can cause rusting due to the water in the solution. We do not recommend soaking for a longer than 8 hours. Scopes can soak longer without risk of damage; however, it’s highly advised to follow manufacturers recommended guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting to prevent any damage.

Product Life
Once the detergent has been diluted with water, the unused solution will remain effective for up to 1 week. After the solution has been used for cleaning, it is recommended that it be discarded at the end of each day. Optimally, the solution should be switched out after each case for maximum safety and to lower the risk of cross contamination. As long as an opened container is properly sealed after each use or the drum pump is attached to the gallon, the product is effective until the expiration date printed on the container.


Contains a mixture of enzymes buffers and non-ionic detergents Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Carbohydrase and proprietary enzymes.