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EOS X by Déesse Pro LED Phototherapy Mask

EOS X by Déesse Pro LED Phototherapy Mask


Déesse Pro

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The EOS X Mask by Déesse Pro harnesses the power of low-level light therapy to ignite natural cellular responses, targeting a spectrum of skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. This advanced treatment rejuvenates the skin, offering a safe, non-invasive solution for clients seeking a vibrant, clearer complexion.

Maximum Effectiveness, Minimum Learning Curve

The EOS X offers a flawless, contoured fit that hugs close to the skin for unmatched performance. Plus, it’s so easy to use that non-licensed staff can operate it, enhancing client experiences from the treatment room to the relaxation area. Empower your spa’s offerings and expand new revenue opportunties with technology that's as comfortable as it is powerful.

Get 5x the Power, Cut Treatment Time by 80%

The EOS X Mask revolutionizes skincare, offering five times the power of canopy-style devices by eliminating inefficient light dispersion. With a meticulously engineered overlap of each light source, the EOS X ensures thorough coverage. This innovative approach enhances the efficacy of each session, directly targeting the skin for faster, more efficient results and shorter treatment sessions. Additionally, the EOS X comes with a neck piece for the often overlooked neck area.

Before & After – See the Power of the EOS X Mask

Treatments at Your Fingertips:
The EOS X’s 9 Modes

With a simple push of a button, these treatments utilize groundbreaking technology to achieve significant outcomes.

Anti-Aging Medical Mode

Wavelengths: Red (630 nm), red (830 nm), and near-infrared (1070 nm)
Benefits: Improves skin texture and firmness within four weeks. It also reduces facial redness, restoring a healthy appearance.

Acne Medical Mode

Wavelengths: Red (630 nm) and blue (415 nm)
Benefit: Kills acne-causing bacteria, regulates sebum production, promotes wound healing, improves circulation, and reduces inflammation.

Photoaging Mode

Wavelengths: Near-infrared (830 nm) and red (630 nm)
Benefits: Combats sun damage and reduces melasma, wrinkles, sunspots, and age spots.

Brightening Mode

Wavelength: Green (545 nm)

Benefits: Disperses melanin clusters and reduces pigmentation for a lighter, more even skin tone.

Skin Calming Mode

Wavelengths: Blue (415 nm), red (630 nm), and near-infrared (830 nm)

Benefits: Swiftly diminishes redness, curbs inflammation, and accelerates recovery after laser treatments, peels, microneedling, hydrodermabrasion, and IPL.

Neck Treatments

Wavelengths: Anti-Aging Mode: Red (630 nm), red (830 nm), and near-infrared (1070 nm) and Acne Medical Mode: Red (630 nm) and blue (415 nm)

Pro Tip: Enhance services as a complementary booster, perfect for refining pores and smoothing wrinkles alongside face modes.

Mood-Boosting Wellness Mode

Wavelengths: Red (630 nm) and blue (415 nm)
Benefits: Boosts serotonin levels, enhancing mood and providing energy and well-being.

Relaxing Wellness Mode

Wavelength: Red (630 nm)
Benefits: Promotes better sleep and improves circadian rhythm.

The EOS X includes:

  • EOS X LED Face and Neck Masks
  • Visually enticing countertop display.
  • Intuitive touchscreen display with additional treatment ports to support future device expansions.
  • Adjustable face and neck strap.

The EOS X Mask by Déesse PRO is an FDA-cleared Class II device.

"The industry leading mask"

"The gold standard in LED therapy"

"Best Multi-Use LED Mask"

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