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Hand Held Wood's Lamp

Hand Held Wood's Lamp


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The Woods Lamp is used by the esthetician to help diagnose underlying skin conditions in a dark room. Different substances become luminous when exposed to deep violet rays of the Woods Lamp. The violet rays enable the esthetician to analyze the surface and deeper layers of the skin in order to determine proper treatment of various skin conditions. Includes 4 UV black lamps and a 5 diopter magnifying lens.

Purpose and Benefits

For optimal results, the lamp must be used in a totally dark room. Skin should be completely cleaned before using lamp. The lamp should not be allowed to overheat and direct contact with the bulb and skin should be avoided. The suitable distance will be 5-6 cm.
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Electrical: 120V
Suggested Outlet: Adjacent to Unit
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Installed By: Universal (if setup is included with order) or Client