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Lumohs Dermaplaning Handle

Lumohs Dermaplaning Handle



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Illumination for Dermaplaning the Face

Get enhanced visualization for dermaplaning of fine hairs, acne scars, and irregular facial contours. The Lumohs dermaplane handle offers shadow less illumination under and at all angles of the skin for precision. Better light enables you to avoid accidentally cutting and nicking your client’s skin during the service. Developed by a surgeon, this indispensable tool is made for estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, spas, and med-spas.

FDA Class I Exempt device.

Includes one Lumohs battery cartridge. Blade not included. 

Weight (with batteries): 1.6 oz. / 46.1 grams
Length (without blade): 6.9" / 176.1 mm
Width: 0.6" / 15.82 mm

Features & Benefits

- Easy-to-clean, universal lightweight dermaplane handle
- Powered by a replaceable battery cartridge costing pennies per dermaplaning.
- Portable and universally compatible with any blade that fits on a #3 handle. 
- For cost-conscious estheticians, an alternative to costly lighting that spoils room ambiance.
- Reusable and sterilizable
- Better 45-degree rotation
- Reduced malpractice risk of cutting and nicking the skin.
- Reduced risk of neck, back, and eye strain from contorting to improve visualization. 
- Reduced hand fatigue with a wide round grip.
- Portability in illumination for Dermaplaning in spa and med-spa rooms with quiet lighting.