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Nufree Pro Servicenter Kit, 32 oz

Nufree Pro Servicenter Kit, 32 oz



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Gentle Non-Wax Hair Removal

Provide a gentle hair removal treatment for all skin types! Nufree nudesse is a soy-based non-wax hair removal system. After the nufree treatment, finipil cream is applied to cool and protect the hair follicle while killing germs. The Nufree Pro Servicenter comes with all of the full-size essentials needed to begin your Nufree treatments.


1 Heater with vented lid (32 oz.)
2 jars Hair Remover (16 oz. each)
1 pack nufree nudesse Epilating Strips (200 count)
2 packs nufree nudesse Eyebrow Applicators (20 each)
2 packs nufree nudesse Body Applicators (20 each)
1 bottle nufree nudesse Erasing Lotion (8 oz.)
1 bottle finipil Pro/Elec (8 oz.)
1 tube finipil lait 50 (1.5 oz.)
25 Paper Rims
1 client record pad
1 Instruction Poster
50 promo flyers
1 Registration Card