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Waterproof & Washable Protective Table Cover

Waterproof & Washable Protective Table Cover


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Protect Fleece Pads, Warmers, & Table Surfaces

This breathable yet waterproof moisture barrier fits nicely over fleece pads and warmers, and its lightweight fabric doesn't feel or sound like plastic. It can extend the life span of electric warmers and pads, non-washable fleece pads, or egg crate cushions by protecting them from liquids. Easy to launder and dry. White. 32"W x 73"L x 7"D

Purpose & Benefits

-Keeps perspiration, lotions, and dander on the top surface, yet it allows air and heat to circulate.

-Quiet–does not have a crinkling sound like plastic.

-Works as a barrier to help prevent the spread of diseases from client to client.



Dimensions: 32"w x 73 L x 7 D
Warranty: 150 washes