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Sposh Premium Waterproof Fitted Sheet for Massage Tables, White

Sposh Premium Waterproof Fitted Sheet for Massage Tables, White



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Save Sanitation Supplies & Turnover Time Between Treatments While Keeping Clients Comfy

Maintain your stringent sanitation standards by protecting your massage table against sweat, oils, and makeup–without aggressive wipe downs or crinkly plastic covers. These waterproof fitted sheets protect your table’s upholstery, but they don’t require any special sanitation protocols or supplies. Just toss them into the washer with your other sheets!

Because these innovative sheets have the same soft, peachy feel as standard Sposh table linens, your clients will love the supreme comfort. Plus, at a very affordable price point, they can easily replace all your standard fitted sheets. While the luxurious fabric serves as a highly protective barrier, it doesn't make any rustling sounds. Dimensions: 32.5" W x 73" L x 6.5" D pocket. Fits a standard table (32" W x 73" L). Sold individually and in cost-saving case packs. 

8 Reasons You'll Love These!

1. Super soft yet totally waterproof–feels like a regular sheet
2. Quiet–no crinkly sounds
3. No extra sanitation measures or supply cost required–just toss it in the washer
4. Affordable enough to use in place of standard fitted sheets
5. Shields upholstery from germs, makeup, and more
6. Keeps lotions, oils, creams, and gels from soaking into table coverings
7. Protects non-machine washable electric warming pads, fleece pads, or egg crates
8. Sold individually and in cost-saving case packs


More Details

This waterproof massage table sheet creates a barrier that prevents materials such as germs, make-up, sweat, dry skin flakes, and other contaminants from being deposited into your table upholstery. Additionally, it keeps lotions, oils, creams, gels, and other products from soaking into your table coverings. Soft and undetectable, it’s also a perfect solution for protecting your non-machine washable items like electric warming pads, fleece pads, or egg crates.

Layering your table depends on the preference and type of treatment being performed. For everyday esthetics or massage services, you may replace your standard fitted sheet with this cover or use it as a layer the barrier under your fitted sheet and above your fleece pad and/or table warmer.

Waterproof and machine washable. Fits most standard massage tables.

Matching Waterproof Face Rest Covers also available (JL738). 

Fabric Care 

Machine washable in warm water. Air dry or tumble dry low for about 10 minutes. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Material is peached microfiber bonded with polypropylene.