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Theratools Basalt Stone Set. Large

Theratools Basalt Stone Set. Large



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Basalt Massage Stones Shaped by Peruvian Rivers

Handpicked from rivers in Peru, these premium basalt stones are naturally molded and shaped by the gentle flow of water. Enlivened with natural energy, they are specifically chosen for their thickness and heat retention. Basalt is volcanic in nature, so its mineral composition, mainly silica and traces of iron, helps the stones retain heat very well.

Unlike mass produced alternatives, all TheraTools hot stones are unique and ergonomically shaped for the palm.

These large stones are for direct use on the client in areas where there is a lot of dense muscle, such as the pectorals or the thighs. They can also be used as a second set of gluteal or palm stones when needed. Available in sets of 2 or 8, stones are approximately 3”-3.5”. Colors may vary.