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Ultrasonic Sanitation System

Ultrasonic Sanitation System


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Clean and disinfect in one step with the Ultrasonic Sanitation System. It's small enough to fit on a nail station yet large enough to fit your favorite nail tools, steel files, and e-file bits. Dimensions: Outer is 8.26"L x 5.90"W x 4.72"H; Inner is 6.10"L x 3.75"W x 1.95"H.

Features & Benefits

- One-touch power button with 10-minute automatic shut-off
- 600 mL stainless steel tank with durable ABS housing
- 35-watt ultrasonic cleaning power
- 40 kHz ultrasonic energy wave


Just add any EPA registered disinfectant solution; then, add your favorite nail tools and press the power button. The unit will automatically turn off in 10 minutes. Remove nail tools and rinse with clean water. Your nail implements, steel files, and e-file bits are now clean, sanitized, and ready for your next client.