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VitaJuwel GemPod, JOY

VitaJuwel GemPod, JOY



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Featuring exquisite, ethically sourced gemstones, VitaJuwel Gempods are designed to elevate the everyday water experience into an extraordinary ritual of taste and vitality.

Capture the essence of joy in every glass with our bespoke blend of Orange Calcite, Magnesite, and Clear Quartz. Orange Calcite radiates with the brightness of optimism and positivity, much like the first rays of sunlight. Magnesite adds a layer of compassion and empathy, reminiscent of the serene mornings watching the sunrise from a peaceful mountainside. Together, they create a symphony of light and warmth, inspiring your clients to greet each day with happiness and a heart full of joy, even on the dreariest days.

Benefits for Your Clients

Optimism: Spark a sunny outlook with the enlivening energy of Orange Calcite.
Intuition: Enhance emotional intuition and connectivity through Magnesite.
Self-acceptance: Elevate personal clarity and self-appreciation with the amplifying power of Clear Quartz.

Revitalize your spa's hydration offerings with the Joy Blend GemPods, and let your clients sip their way to a happier, more vibrant daily routine.

Compatible with ViA bottle, ViA Heat bottle, and Sana carafe.