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VitaJuwel Sana Crystal Water Carafe, JOY, Cloud White

VitaJuwel Sana Crystal Water Carafe, JOY, Cloud White



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In the gateway to wellness, every detail counts, especially when it complements the serene spa environment your clientele cherishes. The Sana Crystal Carafe with the Orange Calcite, Magnesite, and Clear Quartz blend offers an unparalleled drinking experience that marries the convenience of modern design with the timeless potency of crystals.

Designed for Purity and Exceptional Enjoyment

Crafted to embody minimalism at its finest, the Sana Crystal Carafe is a testament to the beauty of simplicity and functionality combined. Its sleek design is highlighted by silk touch lids and a sacred Flower of Life motif. This gorgeous carafe invites a sense of purity, health, and luxurious enjoyment, promising a hydration experience that stands in harmony with your spa's ethos of holistic well-being.

A Symphony of Crystals for Vibrant Wellness

Featuring an energizing blend of Orange Calcite, Magnesite, and Clear Quartz, this iteration of the Sana Carafe taps into the essence of sunshine and positive energy. Orange Calcite radiates optimism and positivity, Magnesite nurtures compassion and empathy, while Clear Quartz amplifies the intentions and vibrational energies of accompanying crystals. This unique combination not only elevates the water's vitality but also encourages a positive outlook, enhanced intuition, and a journey towards deeper self-acceptance.

Why Choose the Sana Carafe Joy Blend for Your Spa?

Convenience and Style: A carafe that doesn't require lid removal for refilling or pouring elevates user experience with its practical design and elegance.

Holistic Harmony: Offering a crystal blend that focuses on optimism and emotional wellness meets the growing demand for products that support a balanced lifestyle.

Quality and Durability: With a capacity of 25.3 fl. oz, dishwasher-proof durability, and recommended hand washing to maintain crystal potency, the Sana Carafe is both practical and resilient.

Visual and Vibrational Appeal: Its sleek design coupled with the transformative energy of the crystals makes the Sana Carafe an essential addition to any spa's retail space, targeting customers seeking to infuse their daily rituals with positivity and well-being.

Transform Your Retail Space with the Sana Crystal Carafe

Incorporating the Sana Crystal Carafe into your retail offerings reflects an understanding of your clients' desire for products that nurture both body and spirit. As spa retailers, providing a vessel that encourages a joyful, vibrant start to every day can set your establishment apart, promoting not just physical hydration but a lifestyle infused with positive energy and well-being.