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VitaJuwel Zodiac Crystal, LEO, Tiger's Eye

VitaJuwel Zodiac Crystal, LEO, Tiger's Eye



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Enhance your spa’s retail experience by offering your clients a way to personalize their VitaJuwel inu! Bottle. Zodiac Crystals are designed to align with each individual's astrological essence, providing a unique and deeply personal touch to their hydration experience.

Introducing Tiger's Eye for Leo Clients

Embrace the dynamic radiance of Tiger's Eye, specifically selected for the Leo clientele renowned for their vivacity, confidence, and creativity. Symbolizing courage, protection, and grounding, Tiger's Eye reflects the fiery spirit of Leos, empowering them to harness their innate leadership abilities and creative potential. This stone, with its mesmerizing layers and captivating sheen, perfectly complements Leo's regal and artistic essence, encouraging them to shine with even greater brilliance.

Leos, celebrated for their magnetic charm and boundless enthusiasm, will discover in Tiger's Eye a potent ally. It ignites the inner spark of ambition, stimulates creative endeavors, and promotes a balanced execution of power with grace. When added to the crystal chamber of their VitaJuwel inu! Bottle, Tiger's Eye infuses every sip of water with a vibration of unwavering self-belief and artistic inspiration, echoing the majestic energy of Leo itself.

Offer Your Clients Authenticity and Quality

VitaJuwel's commitment to quality and ethical sourcing ensures that every Zodiac stone in their collection, including Tiger's Eye, is authenticity guaranteed and fairly traded. This assurance adds value to your spa’s offerings, aligning with the preferences of clients who seek meaningful, ethically sourced products.

Simple Care Instructions for Timeless Beauty

Hand wash only with warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly to maintain the gemstone’s natural allure.