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VitaJuwel Zodiac Crystal, SAGITTARIUS, Sodalite

VitaJuwel Zodiac Crystal, SAGITTARIUS, Sodalite



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Enhance your spa’s retail experience by offering your clients a way to personalize their VitaJuwel inu! Bottle. Zodiac Crystals are designed to align with each individual's astrological essence, providing a unique and deeply personal touch to their hydration experience.

Introducing Sodalite for Sagittarius Clients

Sodalite, with its tranquil energy, promotes harmony and enhances intuition, mirroring the adventurous and philosophical nature of the Sagittarius. It supports their quest for truth and understanding, encouraging profound insights and fostering a sense of unshakable inner peace and mental clarity.

Sagittarians, known for their love of exploration and inherent optimism, will find in Sodalite a supportive companion on their journey towards wisdom and self-discovery. This gemstone empowers them to navigate their adventures with confidence and trust in their intuitive guidance. Incorporating Sodalite into the VitaJuwel inu! Bottle not only elevates the experience of hydration but also serves as an emblem of the Sagittarian's boundless curiosity and zest for life.

Offer Your Clients Authenticity and Quality

VitaJuwel's commitment to quality and ethical sourcing ensures that every Zodiac stone in their collection, including Sodalite, is authenticity guaranteed and fairly traded. This assurance adds value to your spa’s offerings, aligning with the preferences of clients who seek meaningful, ethically sourced products.

Simple Care Instructions for Timeless Beauty

Hand wash only with warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly to maintain the gemstone’s natural allure.