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VitaJuwel Zodiac Crystal, TAURUS, Green Aventurine

VitaJuwel Zodiac Crystal, TAURUS, Green Aventurine



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Enhance your spa’s retail experience by offering your clients a way to personalize their VitaJuwel inu! Bottle. Zodiac Crystals are designed to align with each individual's astrological essence, providing a unique and deeply personal touch to their hydration experience.

Introducing Aventurine for Taurus Clients

Esteemed for its properties of prosperity, calm, and emotional healing, Aventurine is an ideal companion for those born under the steadfast sign of Taurus. This stone embodies the very essence of Taurus traits–down to earth, trustworthy, and utterly driven. By choosing Aventurine for their VitaJuwel inu! Bottle, your clients not only draw nearer to the Earth's energies but also embark on a journey towards enhanced personal growth and inner peace.

Just like the Taurus it’s meant to inspire, Aventurine channels stability and assurance into its holder's life, making it a profound addition to your clients' wellness practices. When placed in the crystal chamber of their VitaJuwel inu! Bottle, alongside the pure quartz, it promises a harmonious synergy that enhances the vibrational quality of their water, imbuing each drop with the strength and tranquility of the Earth itself.

Offer Your Clients Authenticity and Quality

VitaJuwel's commitment to quality and ethical sourcing ensures that every Zodiac stone in their collection, including Chalcedony, is authenticity guaranteed and fairly traded. This assurance adds value to your spa’s offerings, aligning with the preferences of clients who seek meaningful, ethically sourced products.

Simple Care Instructions for Timeless Beauty

Hand wash only with warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly to maintain the gemstone’s natural allure.