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Welluxx IR Ultra LED Spa Pod

Welluxx IR Ultra LED Spa Pod



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THE PERFECT COMPLEMENT FOR SPA, BEAUTY, AND FITNESS: - Controllable Body Chamber with Unique Features - Multi-Sensory Experience - Integrated Pre-Set Programs - Integrates Dry Heat Sauna and Vibration Massage in One System - Comfortable Ergonomic Bed with CD Sound System - Relaxing Ambient Light Body - Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser System - Cooling Face Air.

Features and Specifications:

- Dual Heat Systems: Dry heat adjustable up to 178° F
- Massage: Dual motor adjustable wave vibration
- Lights: Mini (low) power (2mW LEDs), Non-thermal, indirect
- Height Closed: 39"/99 cm
- Height Open: 93"/236.2 cm
- Length: 89"/226 cm
- Weight: 260 lbs/118 Kg
- Widest Point: 35"/89 cm
- Narrow Point: 22"/56 cm]
- Pedestal Height: 7"/17.78 cm
- Voltage: 220 V 50/60 Hz
- Power Supply: V (12 A, 50/60 Hz)
- Suggested Outlet: Adjacent to Unit
- Warranty: One year standard warranty and extended warranty available.
- Installed By: Customer


WX002 IR Ultra LED Pod User Manual