Body & Pregnancy Cushions

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Body Support Systems Pregnancy System

Purpose: Provides body support during body treatments.
- Eliminates the need for pillows, rolled towels, and ””one size fits all”” pregnancy positions. - Therapeutic, affording decompression of joints and relaxation of muscles. - Allows gravity to become a modality, enhancing a variety of treatments and thereby optimizing therapy outcomes.

Price: $799.00


Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion and Headrest

Purpose: A unique support cushion to be used during massage and other treatments.
- Helps provide support for anyone who can't comfortably lie on their stomach during a treatment.
- Good for pregnant women or for women who have recently had breast surgery or people who suffer from lower back problems.

Price: $299.00


Body Support Systems Adjuster Caddy Set

Purpose: Use to position pregnant clients or clients with larger frames, back problems, or neck problems.
Allows the therapist to position pregnant clients face down, adjust for larger framed clients and frame variations, comfortably support clients with specific positioning challenges and more.

Price: $249.00


Oakworks Sternum Pad

The Sternum Pad is the ultimate support for large breasted women, post-partum/pregnant clients, and mastectomy patients.

Price: $30.00


Oakworks BodyCurve

- Versatile.
- Provides extra comfort.

Price: $26.00


Nilo Basarih Mattress

Price: $897.00


1-12 of 12 Items

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