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Sustainability at Hand: Eco Gloves for Spa Professionals

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world used about 65 billion disposable gloves every month. Imagine them stacked higher than Mount Everest, not just once, but 700 times over.1 What's more, this number is expected to grow annually by 8.4% until 2030.2This is very concerning, as traditional nitrile gloves take over 200 years to break down, contributing to pollution and harming wildlife.

Seeing unsettling images of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) cluttering our beautiful landscapes and waterways moved our product development team deeply. Driven by a resolve to make a difference, they got to work, digging to find an eco-friendly yet cost-effective alternative to a widely used spa essential: nitrile gloves. The outcome? Eco Gloves–the sustainable solution you've been waiting for. Now, making a green choice is easier than ever.

The Triple Win: Performance, Convenience, and Protection

In the realm of spa and wellness, prioritizing both client safety and environmental responsibility is paramount. Eco Gloves emerge as the optimal solution, bridging the gap between protective wear and sustainability. Here’s a closer look at the significant benefits that set Eco Gloves apart:

  • • Eco Gloves are made from innovative biopolymer technology, allowing them to biodegrade within 1-3 years in active landfills.
  • • They're also three times more puncture-resistant than latex gloves, ensuring superior protection for you and your clients.
  • • Eco Gloves are free of latex, powder, PVC, phthalates, carcinogens, and cornstarch, so they’re suitable for individuals with sensitivities.
  • • They’re competitively priced compared to traditional nitrile gloves.
  • • Disposing of Eco Gloves is easy–they don't require special disposal methods. Just toss them and forge them–no fuss, no guilt.

Ready to Pioneer Change?

The staggering statistics surrounding disposable glove consumption cast a stark light on the urgent need for action. By choosing Eco Gloves, you're not just selecting a product; you're contributing to a wave of positive change across the spa industry.

Together, we can create a legacy of care that transcends our time, proving that small changes can yield monumental impacts.

Universal Companies is proud to have a team of experienced spa advisors on staff and welcomes you to consult with our professionals about spa products and supplies, including ingredients, equipment, and retail. Dedicated to the success of spa professionals everywhere, we're grateful to be recognized with the American Spa Magazine Professional's Choice Award, Favorite Distributor of the Year for many consecutive years. (Thank you!)

1. Roberts, K.P., Phang, S.C., Williams, J.B. et al. Increased personal protective equipment litter as a result of COVID-19 measures. Nat Sustain 5, 272–279 (2022).


2. Grand View Research. "Disposable Gloves Market Analysis." [Online] Available: [Accessed: 19-Mar-2024].

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