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June 23, 2021

How to Reduce Time Cleaning Implements

June 16 • Equipment • By Lauren Roark, Licensed Cosmetologist

For busy spas and salons, every minute counts. Maintaining high sanitation standards during tool disinfection is imperative. However, it doesn't have to be time-consuming.

To minimize time spent disinfecting and cleaning implements between clients, you could purchase extras and set aside the contaminated implements until the end of the day. Then, clean and disinfect them all at once. If doing this, you'll need a designated "holding area" where they cannot contaminate other items. This method would also help to reduce product use, as you can soak multiple implements at one time.

The steps we've provided below will help you effectively and efficiently disinfect your tools. That means you can spend more time performing the services that your clients love!

5 Steps to Disinfect

1. After your client's service is complete, immediately wash implements with soap and water to remove all visible debris. Implements must be submerged entirely in a state board approved disinfectant solution, following the manufacturer's instructions for proper soak time.

2. Remove items after required disinfectant time (typically about 10 minutes) using gloves or tongs.

3. If the disinfectant manufacturer instructs you to do so, rinse thoroughly.

4. Allow implements to air dry.

5. Store implements in sanitary area, following state board regulations. (Some state boards require implements be stored in a container with a lid.)

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