Moor Spa Firming Contour Wrap

Get one step closer to the perfect summer silhouette with this luxurious contour wrap service. This treatment works to reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm the look of skin. With visible results in just one treatment, say hello to summer!

Cost Per Treatment: $12.50 + supplies
Time: 60-90 minutes
What to Charge: $95-$130

What You'll Need:

Himalayan Crystal Salt Glow (212 oz.) / MRS225P

Shower Gel (16.9 fl. oz.) / MRS233P or 4-In-1 Bar (6 oz.) / MRS111

Contour Cream (16.9 fl. oz.) / MRS234P

Firming Contour Gel (16 fl. oz.) / MRS227P

Herbal Bath (135 fl. oz.) / MRS201P

Complete Oil (16.9 fl. oz.) / MRS232P

What They'll Want:

Himalayan Salt Glow (42 oz.) / MRS225

Contour Cream (4 fl. oz.) / MRS234

Herbal Bath (30 fl. oz.) / MRS201

Body Mask (16.9 fl. oz.) / MRS221

What to Do:

  1. Prepare the treatment table by covering with a heavy towel or blanket. Cover with a large plastic sheet.
  2. Have the client shower and cleanse the skin using the 4-In-1 Bar or Shower Gel.
  3. Measure the client's contoured areas. Make sure you measure and record correctly to get the correct results.
  4. Exfoliate the client's body starting on their back and shoulders, working your way down to their lower legs.
  5. Soak body tensor bandages in the Herbal Bath.
  6. After the exfoliation, allow the client to stay on their back.
  7. Prepare the skin by applying the Firming Contour Gel to problem areas from the client's waist to knee. Help the client sit up on the table to apply to the back areas.
  8. Tightly wrap each area with the soaked bandages, then cover the client with warm blankets.
  9. Allow the client to rest for 30 minutes while the wrap is on.
  10. Offer the client a scalp, hand and arm, or foot massage while the wrap is in place.
  11. After 30 minutes, remove the bandages and wipe off any excess product with hot towels.
  12. Apply the Contour Cream to areas of concern in strong effleurage movements towards the heart.
  13. After the wrap, remeasure the client's areas and reveal the results. Inform the client about the value of repeated treatments for maximum results.
  14. Follow up with home care recommendations.
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