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an even greater revenue stream, and bundle multiple sessions to drive recurring visits.

2 Treatments in 1 Require Half the Space

Merging halotherapy and infrared sauna treatments drives client convenience and accessibility. Halotherapy is a holistic remedy that utilizes the healing properties of salt to enhance overall well-being, especially for those dealing with respiratory conditions. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared equipment doesn't require clients to sweat in order to get the benefits. Because neither treatment requires a shower or change of clothes, this combination is uniquely positioned to create a haven for clients with busy schedules. They can come in for a warm, cozy 30-45 minute meditation over lunch and come out refreshed, refocused, and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Custom solutions and prefab options are available, depending on the size and unique needs of your spa.

This service lends itself exceptionally well to bundling of multiple sessions, driving recurring traffic and revenue.

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Halotherapy + Infrared Sauna