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Whether it's liquid mud, essential oils, or bathing salts, let your clients sink into a bath that's as easy on the body as it is on the eyes.

More Than a Typical Bath

In the Asian cultures that pioneered it, soaking is not synonymous with bathing. Bathing is a hygienic process, while soaking is an experience—one that should only be engaged with after cleaning the body thoroughly. The ideal soaking experience is defined by 3 things: the tub, temperature, and additives. Soaking tubs are generally deeper and narrower than their bathing counterparts, submerging most of the body below the neck. A soak usually entails a hotter water temperature than normal baths, calling back to the practice’s origins in volcanic hot springs. Historically, those same hot springs fed soaking tubs with slightly acidic water, rich in minerals. To provide similar health benefits, we strongly recommended using one of our additives when clients come in for a soak.

Why MTI Soaking Tubs?

Tubs are handcrafted using sculpture stone—an elegant, proprietary form of molded stone. Not only is it beautiful, but this chip-resistant material resists stains, mold, and mildew, making maintenance easy.

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