COVID 19 Response – Universal Companies
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Like you, we're monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. Our goal is to continue meeting the ongoing needs of our employees, customers, and industry partners.

To better assist you, we’re sharing information specific to COVID-19 on this page:

  • NEW! COVID-19 Essentials - Find everything you need to keep your business safe with this extensive, quality-tested collection of products.
  • FAQs about ordering and pricing of key products
  • Sanitation Paradigm Workshop - Sanitation measures you need to help customers feel safe – and protect yourself – when you re-open.
  • NEW! Spa Insider Webinars - Spa Insider taps experts to answer questions and offer solutions for spas and salons. The webinars will discuss new products and services, industry current events, trends in wellness, financial strategies, and other topics affecting the spa business today.
  • Resource Guide to Help Small Businesses - To help you locate assistance and information, we’ve collected several resources that you may find useful. Bookmark this page to check back regularly, as we’ll continue to add to this list.
  • COVID-19 Communication Toolkit - To support you during this trying time, we’ve created some helpful tools, including communications to send to your customers, social posts to keep you connected with your clients, protocols, videos, and more.

Working Remotely

We've initiated a work-from-home program for jobs that can be performed remotely to ensure our customer service, sales, and vendor relations teams remain active.

Travel & Communication

We've halted business travel for our employees and restricted onsite visits. To effectively conduct business while minimizing health risk, we have phone and video conferencing tools to conduct virtual meetings.

Social Distancing Guidelines

We've implemented social distancing guidelines as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). And, while we spend less time in face-to-face dialogue with each other, we are sensitive to risk of social disengagement and have communication tools available to ensure we all stay connected with one another and you, our customer. Our sense of community remains strong!


We're following the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC on preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We've taken additional steps to ensure we maintain a higher level of cleanliness in our facility by performing two hour interval cleanings of all common areas. In addition, we’ve supplied all employees with masks, gloves, and cleaning kits to frequently disinfect their workstations and are reminding them about frequent handwashing. We're asking all team members who don’t feel 100% to stay home, and we're monitoring staff health by taking the temperatures daily of employees working in our facility.

Supply Chain Monitoring

Our Product, Purchasing, Shipping, and Receiving teams are monitoring supply daily and working with our vendors to ensure the flow of products remains to support your needs.

Please note that as individual states mandate the temporary closing of non-essential businesses, some of our product fulfillment may slow down or halt until business resumes as normal. Our contact team is carefully monitoring orders and will notify you if we expect any delays.

Package Safety

For those of you wondering if it is safe to receive and handle a shipment, the WHO and CDC have stated that the likelihood of catching the COVID-19 virus by touching cardboard or other another shipping container is low.

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