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Created for Therapists’ Hands & Healing Experiences

Made in small batches and certified gluten-free, Pure-ssage® offers beautifully unscented massage products for any modality. Each formulation was thoughtfully created with pristine ingredients to help you deliver a truly holistic approach to your treatments while offering skin-nourishing, hypoallergenic care to your hands. All at an affordable price point.

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Deeply moisturize your clients' skin while kneading away muscle tension.

Whether you're performing a sports massage, ashiatsu, or reflexology, you'll find the perfect product match.

Perfect for clients experiencing high stress or muscle injury, soothing magnesium quickly absorbs.

Great for spot treatments or full body sports massages, these complexes help ease discomfort.

Ensure continuity of your spa's signature scent in the treatment room with essential oils.

Get online staff training plus a cheat sheet for client education that you can download or print.

Lotions, Oils, Gels & Butters

Beneficial plant oils and extracts provide needed glide and clean absorption of product into the skin. So after the treatment, your clients will enjoy soft, moisturized skin–not an oily, greasy feeling. Because Pure-ssage does not contain silicones, some reapplication of product may be needed for individuals who have dryer skin types.

Apply Essential Massage Lotion for deep tissue work, or for facial massages, use Skin Nourish.

Achieve longer manipulation with slow absorption. These lightly textured oils leave no greasy residue!

Get excellent glide for long effleurage strokes but with enough resistance for deeper therapeutic work.

Discover the right product type for client conditions or therapist preference.


Best for smaller areas of coverage. Rich in fatty acids, it seals in moisture and is beneficial for the skin.  

Magnesium Topicals

Perfect for clients experiencing high stress or muscle injury, soothing magnesium quickly absorbs.

This concentrated mineral complex from the Dead Sea provides excellent absorption and helps minimize the appearance of skin blemishes. Approximately 4,500 milligrams of magnesium per bottle.

Great for spot treatments or sports massages. It can also be added to foot soaks.

Mineral-rich with soothing aloe, this gel can be used for spot treatments, reflexology, or sports massages.

CBD Treatment Oils

Complement your bodywork by targeting areas of concern or offering full body massages with a comforting blend of hemp CBD oil and MCT. Both oils are third-party lab tested for purity and THC-free.

Packaged in an amber glass bottle and tucked into a small bag, the 0.5 fl. oz. size is for treatment room use, with the remainder to be provided as a gift with service. It comes with a card for the therapist to fill in with home care instructions. The cost can be built into the treatment.


Infuse soothing CBD into your treatments by adding 10 mL to 2 oz. of carrier oil per full body massage.

To protect the integrity of the oil, this backbar size is packaged in an amber glass bottle with measured dropper (measures up to 1 mL).

Use this smaller size for treatments and send the remainder home with your client for home care.

Create a Signature Scent for Your Spa

Scent intertwines memory and emotion, leading our minds to spontaneously recall loved ones, magical places, or special moments. For this reason, it can be an impactful tool.

By creating a signature blend and ensuring its continuity throughout your spa, you can subconsciously connect aroma with your clients’ guest experience. It’s a scent they’ll want to enjoy at home because it’s associated with peaceful relaxation. And every time they breathe it in, they will think of your spa.

You can customize your spa's scent with our large selection of single notes, blending supplies, and carriers for several modalities.

Made with professional use in mind, ESS oils are of the highest treatment grade.

Expand your menu by blending in natural bulk ingredients for signature treatments. 

Body Treatment Recipes (coming soon)

Get quick, easy recipes that you can use as add-ons or as part of your existing services.

Gather your blending tools, such as stirring rods, beakers, bottles, test strips, and more.

Choose single notes or unique blends to personalize your clients' massage treatments.

Training, Education, & Protocols

Your team members can learn at their own pace with on-demand training and education!

Free Staff Training & Certification

Your staff can learn product knowledge and key client benefits of Pure-ssage. This online training can be taken anywhere, anytime.

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Details on how to perform the service, plus cost per treatment and suggested price.

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Pure-ssage Product Comparison Chart

Created by our team’s massage therapists, this handy chart shows which Pure-ssage products are best for particular modalities, which ones contain arnica or CBD for muscle care, and more.

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Customer Handout

Download or print this professionally designed "cheat sheet" for client education. It communicates the benefits of massage, including your use of Pure-ssage.

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