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Defy Skin Damage at the DNA Level

Pioneered by an Ivy League educated plastic surgeon, RescueMD DNA Repair Complex is a patented serum that works at the cellular level to help your clients minimize the look of redness and inflammation associated with facial treatments. It also softens the appearance of sun damage and scars.

Patented R+R Compound enhances the natural cellular DNA-repair mechanism in dual phases.

Dr. Suzman created RescueMD to help patients' skin heal beautifully after cosmetic procedures.

Learn how RescueMD works and see how to integrate it into your existing facial treatments.

Patented DNA Technology

RescueMD's patented R+R Compound enhances the natural cellular DNA-repair mechanism using a dual phase process:

1. Repair: When skin is damaged, the body begins a natural process of repair. During the repair phase, skin cells release a protein called CUL4A which supports the creation of fibrous skin cells that leave visible scars. R+R Compound bonds with CUL4A proteins in DNA inhibiting the formation of scars. Normal skin cells are primed for optimal repair.

2. Recover: As natural repair processes are underway, the R+R Compound continues to support the formation of healthy skin cells and prolong the recovery phase.

As a result, skin recovers more completely and the appearance of scars and inflammation is minimized.

Once your clients see the amazing results this serum offers after the first month, they'll never omit RescueMD from their daily home care regimen. This means recurring retail revenue for you!

This age-defying repair complex helps skin look smoother, evenly toned, and more youthful.


Meet Michael Suzman, MD FACS

After 18 years as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Suzman saw an opportunity to do more for his patients.

He wanted them to feel confident about their skin after procedures, but he knew there was a lack of efficacious skin care available that would minimize the appearance of scarring. So, Dr. Suzman worked hard to find a solution to aid the healing process and restore their self-image.

After careful research, he created DNA Repair Complex. Containing regenerative ingredients, this all-in-one solution treats scarring while also visibly reducing the signs of aging. His patients love the results!

Free Online Course with Certification

Learn how RescueMD works, gain ingredient knowledge, and see how to work this powerful serum into your existing facials to boost your retail sales. Plus, receive protocols and earn a certificate of completion.

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