Skillfully Crafted Dermaplaning Blades

Skillfully Crafted
Dermaplaning Blades

Precision & Durability for over 90 Years

Established in 1932 in Sheffield, England, Swann-Morton has gained worldwide acclaim for its exceptional craftsmanship of high-grade surgical blades. This prestigious company is renowned for blending traditional blade-making expertise with advanced technology. Moreover, all blades are made in accordance with ISO standards, ensuring safety, environmental care, and efficient energy management.

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Made of stainless steel, these dermaplaning blades offer accuracy and reliability.


Featuring a pointed tip, this blade is often preferred by experienced estheticians for the brow area.


Referred to as the butter blade, this shorter blade's rounded tip prevents snagging or scratching.


This blade has an elongated design perfect for dermaplaning body areas or larger facial zones.

Scalpels & Handles

Browse single-use stainless steel scalpels or discover more about Swann-Morton's durable autoclavable dermaplaning handle.


The convenient Swann-Morton disposable scalpel includes a plastic guard designed to protect the stainless steel cutting edge until the point of use.

Stainless Steel Dermaplaning Handle

This handle provides a comfortable grip for precise control during the service.

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Blade Removers

Easily remove blades with this assortment of blade removers.

Two-Handed Blade Remover

Efficiently removes blades ranging from size 6 to 26. Holds up to 100 blades.

Individual Blade Remover

Designed to remove all standard-sized surgical blades, including sizes 6-26.

One-Handed Blade Remover

Holds up to 200 blades. Can be mounted on the wall or placed on a countertop.