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Bodywork Essentials Developed by Therapists

Bodywork Essentials
Developed by Therapists

Diverse Selection for Multiple Massage Techniques

Our treatment tools may look similar to others, but they have subtle differences that you'll notice right away when you use them. This is because they were designed or curated by licensed professionals. To help you perform your best, TheraTools offers a wide variety of shapes and materials for comfort and versatility.

What you’ll find on this page:

Thoughtful Details

No one understands the importance of ergonomics and tool efficiency better than another licensed professional. Little details can make a big difference. Here are a few examples of how our LMTs raised the standards for these treatment essentials:

Basalt Stones–Shaped for Your Palm

Curated by our LMTs, these aren't your typical hot stones. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, TheraTools basalt stones are shaped for the palm. Molded by the gentle flow of water, they were handpicked for size from Peruvian rivers. Basalt is volcanic and enlivened with natural energy. Its mineral composition, mainly silica and traces of iron, helps the stones effectively retain heat.

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Soapstone Tools–Work Specific Muscle Groups

Carved in the USA and designed by an LMT, these tools are uniquely sculpted so they feel good in the hands and hug body contours. Each shape allows you to work on specific muscle groups. For instance, the Y Trigger Tool enables you to use its rounded points for depth of pressure. Its curved sides offer effortless glide.

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Notched Toe Stones–Provide a More Secure Fit

Toes are different shapes and sizes, and sometimes perfectly rounded stones don't stay put. Readjusting them during a service can disrupt the treatment flow. Problem solved. Designed by a massage therapist, these stones are notched to provide a more secure fit between the toes. Made of soapstone, they also retain heat and cold.

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Herbal Heat Packs–Made for Treatment Use

These herbal heat packs are made to be used during your treatments. For example, the back and heart-shaped packs can be paired with an analgesic for compression and heat therapy. Simply place a sheet, pillowcase, or towel between the client and the pack to keep it clean. Reusable covers are also available for some packs.

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Herbal Packs

Apply warmth to loosen tight muscles for compression work and increase the effectiveness of topical analgesics. Made in the USA with durable duck fabric, these herbal packs serve as treatment tools to help you deliver unparalleled relaxation.

Filled with flaxseed, rice, and a special blend of herbs, the body packs can be heated or cooled.

Chilled, weighted eye pillows are a welcome escape from phone and computer screens.

Made with 60% hemp and 12 soothing herbs, these packs offer a unique service enhancement.

Extend the life of herbal packs and keep them sanitary with these reusable, washable barriers.  

Refresh your herbal packs with an uplifting trio of lemongrass, mint, and eucalyptus.

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Carved Soapstone Hand Tools

Soapstone has the unique ability to work for hot and cold treatments. Each design is made to create deep therapeutic work for the client with less effort for the therapist. They serve as an extension of the therapist's hands, reducing pressure and fatigue.

Basalt, Marble, and Salt Stones & Sets

Our massage stone collection offers a variety of materials to meet all your treatment needs.

Great for cold face and body services, or use in tandem with basalt for fire and ice treatments.

Excellent for retaining heat, this assortment of sizes and shapes enhance the therapist's technique.

Containing 84 minerals and elements, these salt stones retain heat while detoxifying.

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