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Holistic Relief
for Healing Rituals

Holistic Relief for Healing Rituals

Enhance Restorative Therapies & Drive Retail Revenue

Featuring a potent fusion of cool Yakima peppermint and warm, woody frankincense, Yoga Balm is made to support wellness experiences. Once applied, this dense aromatic balm melts on contact with a penetrating effect, priming pores to open for absorption and delivering an immediate feeling of release. To maintain artisanal quality, it's blended in small batches.

Use Yoga Balm as a spot treatment for the temples and overworked muscles during massage or chiropractic services. Its stimulating properties will amaze your clients, and they'll want a jar for home. Recommend use before healing arts, yoga, or leisure sports and for post-workout strain.

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The Yoga Balm Difference

Chosen for their restorative properties, the plant oils and extracts in Yoga Balm provide a variety of benefits. Here are a few:

Frankincense Oil

Warmth eases joints, imparts relaxing aroma


Hempseed Oil

High in essential fatty acids, locks in moisture

Plantain Extract

Antioxidant-rich, soothes fatigued muscles

Yakima Peppermint

Highly concentrated, cools skin, opens pores


Olive Oil

Brimming with vitamin E, deeply moisturizes

St. John's Wort

Reparative, strengthens and calms the skin

Original Yoga Balm

Enliven your guests' senses with this wonderfully herbaceous service enhancement.

This set includes a free jar with each 12-piece case.

The free professional jar allow therapists to offer spot treatments on tight muscles in need of extra relief. Simply ask your clients which areas need special attention and work Yoga Balm into those areas. (They’ll love you for it!)

This large professional jar is an excellent size for busy treatment rooms.

Yoga Balm CBD

This blend contains all of the beneficial ingredients of the original Yoga Balm, except it contains CBD. It's also vegan-friendly, as it contains no beeswax.

This set includes a free 9 oz. professional size jar with each 12-piece case. The free professional jar allows therapists to offer spot treatments on tight muscles in need of extra relief. Your clients will love you for it!

Limited time only! Try Yoga Balm CBD with this single-size jar.

Amplify Sales with Backbar

When used as a complimentary enhancement during your treatments, one professional jar has the potential to sell up to 50 retail jars. This is because once your clients experience the incredible sensation Yoga Balm delivers, they’ll be eager to purchase their take-home supply from you!

Complimentary enhancement ideas include a temple massage or a special focus on sore muscles.

Contact us for more information about Yoga Balm.

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Capture your clients' attention by beautifully displaying your Yoga Balm products and promotions.  

This elegant bamboo & clear acrylic display holds products and an 8.5" x 11" graphic.

Personalize your graphic, print it, and slide it into your Customizable Retail Display.

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