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Ardell Strip Lashes, Double 210

Ardell Strip Lashes, Double 210



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All-Out Volume: Features a set of va-va-voom volume and intense black fibers that make it easy for you to create a louder and bolder look. Blends seamlessly with your natural hairs making it feel like they also grew out of your lash line. Partner them with a filled-in black eyeliner and you got that dramatic, smokey eye look! Stuffed with more fibers but remains comfortable even with layers of eyeshadows and liners on. Bet you can’t wait until these darlings are on!

Extra Long Length: The perfect pair of lashes for a perfect night (or day!) Each strip is made of lengthy crisscross fibers and is just the right choice if you’re going for a more dramatic and prominent look. Tailored with a special winged-out effect giving your lashes a velvet-like appearance - soft on the eyes but softer to touch! No stiff feel and wears carefree even with the longest fibers on! Make it more exciting by finishing the look with vibrant eyeshadows and unique designs!

Vivid, Flare Style: Carefully designed with shorter fibers placed in the inner corners, and elongated ones are flared out at the outer corners. The strands are spread out on the outer edges enhancing the natural shape of your eyes and creating a wider-eye illusion. Your best pick for a more flirtatious and dazzling look! Ideal for most eye shapes and a top recommendation for a ‘notice-me’ evening or party all-night weekend!

Secure Hold: Specially made for extended wear so you can stay worry-free while you have the lashes on. The strips feature a clear and almost invisible band ideal for both beginners and pros. Makes it easier to hide even with just a layer of powder on! Made with flexible yet durable materials to avoid snapping and wearing out. Reusable and easy to clean!