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Ardell Strip Lashes, Lift Effect 741

Ardell Strip Lashes, Lift Effect 741



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Unique, Layered Curls: The strands are designed with exceptional overlaid curls delivering a fresher but still natural-looking look. Creates a lifting and widening effect to your lashes without looking too dramatic and striking. Perfect for enhancing your everyday casual look especially if you want something to boost your mood instantly (yes, it's effective!). Ideal for first-time lash users who want a subtle zhoosh and not an overwhelming try-on!

Short Length, Medium Volume: Made with ultra-fine and short-length fibers that will make you love a natural but stunning lashed-eye look more than ever! Contains more strands but is not too thick, just enough to even out your thin natural hairs and create a bolder and solid look. Not heavy on the lids with or without eyeliners or eyeshadows on. Not stiff and not too fake looking!

Flashy, Flared Lash Design: Fashioned to nail your wider and more lifted look! Expertly tailored with shorter fibers fixed in the inner corner and longer fibers at the outer. This unbeatable flare style is perfect for a quick fix in the morning making your eyes look more awake but not too dramatic. Go for an eyelash-only look in the morning for a spic and span style or swipe a smooth black eyeliner at night for a more prominent pair of blinkers!

Reliable, Invisiband: No need for a remarkable eyelash talent! The band of each strip comes in clear and is made extra flexible giving you an effortless lash time! Pre-curved and very pliable so you won’t have a hard time blending them together with your natural fibers. Has an adequate space for the glue to work on keeping your lashed-look keep up with sweat and long hours of wear. Great for those just starting with their lash journey or even for those daily lash users who are always on the go!