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Saltability Bamboo Warming Tray w/ 20 Salt Stones

Saltability Bamboo Warming Tray w/ 20 Salt Stones



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Keeps 20 Himalayan Salt Stones Warm & Ready for Use!

Keep your Himalayan salt massage stones ready with the Saltability® Bamboo Warming Tray. When heated, these stones emit negative ions that reduce oxidative stress for both you and you client. Made from rapidly renewable bamboo, this tray has a silicone covered base with state-of-the-art heating technology for maintaining a consistent temperature. Includes 20 assorted Himalayan salt stones. UL® Listed. 

Warms Himalayan salt stones to 108 to 120 degrees (depending on stone size, weight, thickness) and maintains stones’ consistent temperature. Salt stones will warm to desired temperature in approximately 40 minutes. 

Every Saltability warmer comes with a 1-year warranty. All warmers are made in the United States with US parts by a US engineering company.

The Bamboo Warming Tray includes the following:

-1 Natural bamboo tray (13" x 20")
-1 UL Listed silicone-covered warming pad
-20 Himalayan salt stones (6 round, 6 oval, 6 teardrop, and 2 heart stones)


Features & Benefits

- Stones remain at desired temperature for approximately 40 minutes

- Heated Himalayan salt stones will amass negative ions in the treatment room, beneficial to client and therapist.

- Does not give off EMFs or heat into the room like a traditionally used roaster

- Does not require water usage

- Very low electric usage

- Can be used with 7-day timer (set for 30 minutes before the spa/business opens and to turn off when spa closes) so the unit is on/ready and emitting negative ions all day.

- Made of renewable bamboo, chosen for its abundance in nature and sustainable harvesting.

- Silicone-covered base maintains a consistent temperature.

- Silicone base is easily cleaned after each use by spraying and wiping with disinfectant.


Himalayan Salt Stone Care & Use

Before First Use:

- Hand-carved Himalayan salt stones can be lightly sanded with sandpaper (included) if needed.

- After the light sanding, season new stones with a good coat of massage oil. Allow the oil to stay on for 5-15 minutes.

- Wipe with a cotton towel to smooth. Stones will become smoother with each massage.

During Massage:

- Himalayan salt stones’ varied shapes contour to a therapist’s hands and the client’s body. Most stones are designed to fit the hand comfortably.

- To start, therapists should work with the Himalayan salt massage stones to choose which side/angles best fit the contours of the client’s body.

- After using the Himalayan massage stones on your client’s body, return it to the tray/silicone pad to rewarm and reuse that stone on the same client, as needed/preferred.

After Massage:

- Disinfect your stones with a disinfectant wipe or spray after each use. To disinfect, remove the stones from the warming tray.

- Gently spray the disinfectant 2 to 3 times.

- Dry with cotton towel.

Do’s and Don’ts

DO check stone temperatures with your hand before every use.
DO wipe the pad off with light disinfectant mist and dry after each use.
DO lightly sand your stones with sandpaper (included) when they get rough.

DON’T use a stone on a body if it’s too warm in your hand.
DON’T spray stones directly on the pad.
DON’T forget to dry your stones completely after cleaning.



Why is sandpaper included in the package?

The hand-carved Himalayan salt massage stones can be lightly sanded with the included sandpaper before use, if needed. To season new stones, apply a good coat of massage oil and allow it to stay on the stone for 5-15 minutes. Then, wipe with a cotton towel to smooth the stone down. Stones will become smoother with each massage.

How long can I expect the massage stones to last?

The stones can last a very long time provided they’re kept from water and cleaned and dried properly. When exposed to moisture, the stones will reduce down or get rough, depending on the amount of moisture or water. When rough, sand them with sandpaper to smooth. If using with water for a salt scrub or lymphatic drainage, they will need to be replaced from time to time.

About 100% Pure Himalayan Crystals

- They contain 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts.

- Himalayan salt is a very good conductor of heat (thanks to its abundance of various minerals). It only decreases in heat by 3-4% compared to basalt stones. In most cases, you can do any stone massage protocol with Himalayan salt stones.

Tips for Long-lasting Stones

- Keep stones away from the water.

- If stones get rough, sand with sandpaper to smooth.

- Always keep clean and dry properly.