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Gelish POLYGEL Cover Pink

Gelish POLYGEL Cover Pink



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Work as fast or as long as you want with Gelish® PolyGel™ nail enhancement. Just squeeze, slice, and roll this odorless, all-in-one formula onto natural nails for the perfect working consistency. No more chasing or ratios; tube dispensing allows you to use just what you need, with no wasted product. Lighter than acrylics and hard gels, PolyGel offers supreme adhesion with no lifting or separation during wear. It works perfectly as either a sculpting or tip overlay. Cover Pink. 2 oz.

Purpose and Benefits

STEP 1 – Complete nail prep. Apply ProBond to nails.
STEP 2 – Squeeze a pea size amount of PolyGel™ out of tube and slice gel with a PolyTool™. Roll gel onto nail.
STEP 3 – Using the PolyTool brush with a small amount of Slip Solution, shape product onto nail.
STEP 4 – Cure 30 seconds in 18G LED Light.
STEP 5 – File and shape nails with a 180 grit file and smooth with a 180 grit buffer. Cleanse with Nail Surface Cleanse and Wipe It Off lint-free nail wipe.
STEP 6 – Apply a thin coat of Top It Off. Cure 30 seconds. Cleanse with Nail Surface Cleanse and a lint-free nail wipe.
STEP 7 – Apply Nourish Cuticle Oil.

STEP 1 – Using a 150 or 180 grit file, file off the majority of the PolyGel and shorten length if desired. DO NOT file natural nail.
STEP 2 – Switch to a 100/180 buffer. Gently buff down the enhancement, leaving a thin application on the nail.
STEP 3 – Using a 220/280 buffer, lightly buff the nail, blending the remaining enhancement into the natural nail.


Acrylates Copolymer, Di-HEMA Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, Isobornyl- Methacrylate, HEMA, Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate, Trimethylolpropane Tri- methacrylate, Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenyl phosphine Oxide, Benzoyl Isopropanol, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, PEG-9 Dimethacrylate, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491), Violet 2 (CI 60725)