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Gelish ProHesion Perfetto Nail Tips, Clear, 500 ct

Gelish ProHesion Perfetto Nail Tips, Clear, 500 ct



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ProHesion Perfetto nail tips feature a deep c-curve the full length of the tip to give your clients a dramatic look regardless of length. Their pre-buffed surface means shine removal for ProHesion Liquid and Powder applications isn’t needed. (They must be buffed with a 180 grit file for Gelish Hard Gel applications.) And the no well area gives you the option to blend or not to blend depending on the situation, helping eliminate color variation. 

Suggested tip color use for Clear: All hard gel and acrylic applications.


Features & Benefits

- False nail tips will not crack or split during wear
- Will fit most nail shapes
- Pre-buffed surface
- Deep c-curve for dramatic looks
- Made of 100% virgin ABC plastic for maximum durability and longevity



1. Prepare your nail as usual.
2. Cleanse and apply pH Bond to pH balance and dehydrate.
3. Apply a small amount of Secure Nail Adhesive along the smile line area on the underside of the tip.
4. Rock the tip onto the natural nail and press and hold for 10 seconds to allow the tip to adhere.
5. Trim to the desired length and shape.
6. For Gelish Hard Gel applications, remove the shine from the surface of the tip with a 180 grit file and blend if desired. Remove the dust.
7. Apply pH Bond on the natural nail only.
8. Apply ProBond to the natural nail only and continue with your chosen overlay.