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reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment Clinical Series

reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment Clinical Series


reVive Light Therapy

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Offer your clients enhanced light therapy treatments with reVive Clinical Acne treatments. This device product utilizes red and blue LED light to treat acne breakouts and prevent future flare-ups by fighting bacteria residing in the skin. It features an easy, 3-minute treatment time. No user settings or adjustments needed. FDA-cleared. OTC Class II medical device.

Features & Benefits

- Medical-grade blue LED lights reach deep where bacteria live
- Includes red LED lights to fight sun and age spots
- Soothes inflammation and reduces pore size
- Purifies the skin and stabilizes oil glands
- Reduces future acne flare-ups and potential scarring
- Calms redness and inflammation


1. Wash and clean the area prior to use.
2. Attach the power supply.
3. Plug the power supply into a wall outlet and turn on the device.
4. Place the device head within 0.25" from the skin, over the desired treatment area.
5. Leave the light on the treatment area for a minimum of 3 minutes. Do not move or wave the device across the treatment area.
6. Move device to the next treatment area and repeat steps.
7. Press the power button to turn the unit off.


Device should be used daily for the best results.

Unit will automatically shut off in case of exceeding desired temperature. Let the unit cool for a few minutes and begin treatment again.

reVive Light Therapy Clinical Acne Handheld Treatment time 3 minutes per treatment area, hold it steady and after 3 minutes is up move it to the next area.


• Warranty: 1 Year
• Certifications: FDA, CE