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Get a Detailed Analysis of Each Guest's Skin for Bespoke Treatments & Regimens

The Skin Analysis System empowers you to see what's going on beneath the skin's surface, allowing for customized services, home care regimens, and diet/lifestyle recommendations.

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Build Loyalty & Boost Retail Sales with Custom Treatments

By analyzing your clients’ skin health to the dermis level, you'll be able to address underlying causes of their skin concerns, track progress, and deliver visible results.

The Skin Analysis System comes preloaded with Moor Spa and Private Label Skin Care. It includes camera, software, and laptop.

Advanced Imaging & Analysis

The System uses images and charts to visually illustrate skin condition by considering sebum and moisture levels, texture, smoothness, irritation, pores, and pigmentation.

Using regular, polarized, and UV light, this all-in-one LCD computer with hand-held camera captures 6 images, analyzing skin from 3 variable areas of the face—cheek / U zone, forehead / T-zone, and area adjacent to the eyes.

Magnifies the skin 50X, giving a detailed view of the pores, skin texture, and pigmentation.

Polarized light penetrates deep into the dermis, enabling a closer look at skin elasticity, hair follicles, and sebum production.

UV light penetrates even deeper than polarized light, thus revealing any clogging /oxidation within the pores.

Detailed 3D rendering of the skin's surface gives an accurate visual of skin texture, wrinkles, and more.

Make Product Recommendations Based on Skin Report Card Results

Create a comprehensive snapshot of skin health and design custom treatment plans, complete with targeted product recommendations based on individual needs.

Get a report card on the critical factors of skin health as well as recommendations tailored to results.

Look at internal factors that could be affecting results and view diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Track progress with metrics and images to help guests continue improving skin health.

Lifestyle Results & Recommendations

Go beyond suggestions for topical application and encourage beauty from within as well. The Skin Analysis System provides diet and lifestyle suggestions, such as these brief examples for dry skin: "Try to avoid or limit overly long, hot showers and use lukewarm water for cleansing" and "Drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid heavily processed foods and those high in sodium."

Track Progress with Before & After Assessments

The storage database allows you to track your clients’ progress so you can show efficacy of your treatments. For example, you'll be able to reveal improvement in the skin's moisture barrier, pore size, sebum level, and more.


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